Custom Oxygen Master

Topics for this course

71 Lessons31h

Module 1 - Before we get started:

1.1 Course Introduction00:04:08
1.2 Before you get started00:03:17
1.3 What Plugins you need00:09:13
1.4 The Design Walk Through00:07:20
1.5 Customising The Design00:06:52
1.6 Download The Assets00:03:40

Module 2 - Getting Oxygen Setup

Module 3 - Oxygen Fundamentals

Module 4 - Building our Homepage

Module 5 - Building our Inside Pages

Module 6 - Blog & Custom Post Types

Module 7 - Gutenberg & Custom Blocks

Module 8 - Launch & Training Clients

Module 9 - Bonus Content

Build stunning custom Oxygen websites, without all that "code and stuff".

Learn how to build custom websites in Oxygen builder by not only being shown the basic building blocks of Oxygen but by sitting over my shoulder and building a live website, step by step together, from start to finish.
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